Cost Schedule

Hourly Session

A session hour is 50 minutes

90 minute session, which some want, is $225, and a two hour session is $300.

I also offer an initial free phone consultation, which is about 15 minutes.  Please call or text me at

my business cell – (214) 509-8554

If you would like a free consultation, email, is not the best way to contact me, but I will respond as quickly as I can if that is your only way to contact me.

If you are, because of financial constraints, unable to afford the regular rate, you may qualify for hardship pricing, on a sliding scale, which I will discuss with you.  I do not want to turn anyone away because they cannot afford Senior Therapist level care.

My agency and my experience level and credentials inform my rate level offering.  Because of my experience and credentialing, I am considered a Senior Therapist. If, in my professional opinion, I cannot help you (decided early on in our free phone consultation, for example) I will either refer you and help you find a “good match” therapist, or I will discuss with you other options (perhaps every other week sessions.)   I will not leave you un-cared for or without enough assistance to get you connected with adequate, professional help that you can afford to invest in!